Virtual Dive

Virtual Yukon

Dive the Yukon at and find a virtual treasure!

In a collaboration with California Ships to Reefs and, we present an opportunity to not only dive the Yukon from your desk, but to find sunken treasure! When you dive the Virtual Yukon, look for Yukon Reef Tags and the Time Capsule!

When you find a Reef Tag, you will be entered into a monthly contest. This month, the prize is a $100 Gift Certificate towards any 6-night liveaboard from Reef & Rainforest.

If you find the Time Capsule, you will be able to leave a message in it, which will be displayed here. You can also opt to put it into the actual time capsule that will be placed on the Yukon at the 10th Anniversary Celebration in July.

You can download the eDiving application here.

To start the application, once you have it loaded, click here.

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